Jafuta Foundation - Conservation & Wildlife - Water access improvement - Solar boreholes - Zimbabwe


Our focus for water improvement access for wildlife is on installing and maintaining solar powered boreholes to feed pre-existing watering holes. So far 4 are in operation with solar powered pumps fitted to the boreholes.  A continual procession of a wide variety of wildlife can be seen coming to quench their thirst at these waterholes and there has been an increase in game numbers as they return to a reliable water source, with especially wonderful sightings of buffalo, kudu, eland, giraffe, sable, elephant and plains game species.  There is nothing better than to watch a herd of elephant running towards the pan as the smell of fresh water reaches them.



Having this energy efficient and steady source of water that is not dependent on electricity means a huge difference to the wildlife of the park. Many more can survive the dry season in good health and are not be forced into rural and urban areas looking for water, where the human/wildlife conflict issues arise.