Jafuta Foundation - Wildlife conservation - Ecotourism - Kalisosa Platform - Zimbabwe


Wildlife ecotourism is essential for economic growth in Zimbabwe.  Our wildlife drives a multi-million dollar industry and this needs to be managed sustainably with benefits and advantages for the local communities.  The Jafuta Foundation has worked closely with the Zimbabwe National Parks to identify areas where ecotourism development would be most beneficial.


A double storey viewing platform was completed at Kalisosa 1 pan in 2016, where we also developed the infrastructure for the watering hole as part of our water access improvement strategy for wildlife and improved the transport routes in the area as part of our environmental maintenance project.  With ablutions and undercover parking on the ground floor, visitors are able to visit for the day and even camp on the second storey, with amazing game viewing opportunities from this treetop level.



The platform creates a much needed stream of revenue to fund the National Park's projects and the presence of interested game viewers and campers in the area serves as a deterrent to poachers who tend to target little visited areas.



To provide extra protection from poaching for the large herds gathering, a Game Scouts' room and ablutions was built at Kalisosa 1 borehole pump station area, so that there is a full time presence in the area.



For more information on the flora and fauna of Kalisosa Vlei and a more in-depth look at the platform development, please download our poster below.


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