In a true labour of love, TNT and Ronnie of Ruoko Project and friend of the Foundation, Sylvie have spent months turning a section of rocky, barren ground into a colourful world of fun and imagination. Starting by moving thousands of stones by hand, the team created a safe space in which to play, then worked together to construct a recycled playground, made with used tyres and spare building materials donated. Bit by bit the space transformed, as fantastical birds appeared in trees, mountains of colourful steps grew, swings were set up and recycled tyre motorbikes and trikes were made, ready to race in imaginations. This magical world is now open to the children of the community every day but sees the most joy in the school holidays, when volunteers teach songs and drumming and lead children on an adventure in smiles, laughter and song. We give a huge thank you to our volunteer artists and Foundation friends for their donated time and creative skills that bring such joy and their continued dedication to enhancing this space the Batoka Playground.