plant & tree nursery


Our Centres of Hope are located near to one of our community gardens and it is our intention to reforest our area and to provide agricultural training and food security programs for the community.


In the nursery, we prepare food trees for planting out, grow vegetables for the communal meals served at the Centre daily and teach people agricultural skills. We work with MATTER on their Chaya Tree project. In their words 


"The Chaya tree is nature’s solution to malnutrition. Its leaves are one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world. It is also drought-resistant and grows easily from cuttings. It thrives in dry, sandy soil, and is resistant to the pests and diseases that plague other crops. Once established, Chaya doesn’t need much attention, making it one of the easiest foods to grow. Like all trees, Chaya has environmental benefits leading to cleaner air, less soil erosion and carbon sequestration benefits."


To date we have planted hundreds of trees on site and in various locations such as schools. Hundreds more trees are growing to size ready to plant out in our greenhouses and we look forward to every homestead having a supplementary meal tree in there yard.