Many rural villages are far from clinics and hospitals, visited at best by dedicated community health workers and midwives on bicycles. The estimated ratio of healthcare workers to the population is 1.23 per 1 000, a very low figure when considered that global requirements are that a country should have a minimum of 445 healthcare workers for every 100 000 people - a ratio of 4.45. Schools are used as a base for childhood inoculations and clinics where possible. The situation is exacerbated when a patient needs to be admitted for medical care of any sort. They have to raise the funds to travel to the nearest medical centre, raise funds for admittance, for the doctors and nursing care and for any tests needing to be done. This is beyond the reach of most rural dwellers and so many treatable ailments are left to become worse. This concern is of particular interest to our Outreach Director, Sipho Moyo, as he is a former government Environmental Health Officer and saw first hand the situation in the field.


As Jafuta Foundation, we assist where possible in providing transport to remote locations for district health workers to undertake vital innoculation and mobile open clinic sessions. We assist those we can who need further treatment with the kind help of our local network of doctors and surgeons who donate their time. There is such need in medical assistance. To simply give birth in a medical facility, women are required to raise usd100 to pay for a birthing kit, providing even their own sutures, as the hospitals are not able to provide these. We offer the Centres as a set up point for mobile clinics for our community, with our access to clean running water a vital necessity.


We are therefore always extremely happy to assist volunteer doctors and health workers from outside the country, who donate their time and speciality skills through dedicated clinics. It is through these wonderful people that sight, mobility and hope is restored to so many in desperate straights and we cannot thank them enough for everything they do, along with sister N.G.O.s and N.P.O.s working in this field. In the face of such need, it does indeed take "a village' to help.




Join us at the Jafuta Foundation in Zimbabwe as we welcome Stacey Clarfield Newman and Dr. Fredric Newman, who will inspire and collaborate with the community later on this year. Stacey will teach Yoga Dance, a powerful practice that spreads joy and consciousness throughout the world by transmitting body health, brain health and heart health to all populations. Dr. Fredric Newman will extend his expertise through medical outreach, providing essential healthcare services to those in need in the community.



 It's an amazing Chakra fusion of joy-filled user-friendly dance combining yoga, the breath, and fabulous music from all around the world. YogaDance is a funky, sacred, inspirational dance of the multidimensional self, bringing tons of fun and healing to body, mind, spirit. It is an opportunity to allow the inner child to come out and play in a safe, judgment free zone. Yoga Dance is for everybody in every single body and wonderful for all ages.


Grace in Motion happens; as we move to the rhythm and the beat, a dance journey begins. The seven energy centres provide our foundation as we dance the Yoga of the wild and silly, the deep and delicious. We wrap ourselves in our authentic self while dancing our dreams to world music. Our inner child comes out to play as we dance like no one is watching. As we are held in the loving, safe and sacred arms of mother earth we simultaneously honour her: dancing with the sounds of rhythms of the Earth and our spirit prayers. As we dance through the chakras, our energy takes flight - inviting it to flow upward from the base of our spine up through the crown of the head, and back down to the earth again. The result is a blissful body, joyous heart, a steady and quiet mind.


We kindly seek your support and generous donations, including the essential items listed, to ensure the success of their trip, to enable Stacey's impactful YogaDance and Dr. Fredric's vital medical outreach to uplift the community.

  • Alcohol wipes
  • Bacitracin
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Glucose test strips
  • Urine collection cups
  • Stethoscopes
  • Thermometers
  • Glucose meters, test strips and finger lancets
  • 2 X 2 and 4 X 4 gauze
  • Paper tape
  • Kling 2inch and 4 inch (BandAid)
  • Elastoplast 2 inch and 4 inch
  • Xeroform different sizes
  • Adaptec
  • Scissors, forceps and battery cautery - First Aid Kit
  • Xylocaine 1% with and without Epi
  • Needles and syringes
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large exam gloves
  • Sterile gloves
  • Paracetamol - Acetaminophen
  • HIV tests
  • Doppler - Ultra Sound
  • AED (defibrillator)
  • Suture kit with needle holders and suture material
  • Autoclave
  • Containers for medical waste disposal
  • Journals/books
  • Underwear for girls 9 and up and all ladies sizes
  • Exercise Tights in all sizes
  • Pastel crayons