We make a living by what we earn. We make a life by what we give.

Winston S. Churchill


The Jafuta Foundation has impacted on multiple lives both in the human and animal world, from highly promising athletes to the introduction of indigenous cattle bulls to improve the rural livestock community. From bio-gas to provide power to rural communities using animal waste to firebreaks, firefighting, road development and several new waterholes designed to draw animals away from the Vic Falls town and rural villages.  From specialised wildlife training to working with the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust to establish a domestic animal rescue specifically designed to benefit our rural (but also urban) residents.



Renewable energy development

Girl's Dignity

Agricultural assistance

Water, sanitation and hygiene - W.A.S.H.


COVID-19 response



Education assistance

Sport & leisure development



History preservation

Museum curation



Wildlife ecotourism

Wildlife water access improvement

Environmental maintenance