We believe that not only do sports teach teamwork, promote health and create joy but they also provide a safe space in which to bring up areas of concern amongst vulnerable youth. We use our games sessions to open up trust and discussions on sexual and reproductive health and promote anti-drugs awareness


Thanks to an incredible initial donation, we were able to build two multi-sport courts across the road from the Centres of Hope. These allow for basketball, netball, futsal and other sports to be played. Local teams such as the Panthers come out to offer training sessions and in the school holidays, sports programs are offered as an activity to promote health and sports skills and provide a safe space to play. Our football field is located on top of a small hill, cut into a quarry and it is here that Batoka Crocodiles call home. 


We look forward to moving up the local leagues and playing teams of visitors, all whilst having fun and spreading important messages through sport.