It has always been our vision to create a beautiful place of meeting, exchange of ideas and learning for women and youth in the rural area.  A place where the youth can meet, play games, read books, go online, watch a movie and just ‘hang out’.  These are things that we take for granted and yet for most rural youngsters, they have never had these experiences.  An area for the little ones to play in a recycled themed playground with stimulating and educational playthings and to grow flowers.  Women will meet and have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills, and school leavers with no opportunities will be assisted to gain employment through vocational skills training and have access to I.T. skills. This dream is about to be realized and thanks to our very generous donors, construction has started on the Batoka Community Centre and the Kathy Cole Creatives Studio. 



From the arid dust the two buildings are coming up, watched closely and with mounting excitement by the surrounding rural dwellers.  Local labour from the villages was recruited and these people will leave at the end of the project with building skills and more importantly, the prospect of employment with the larger construction companies.  


The final leg of our aspirations has been made possible by an incredible donor – the development of a women’s shelter.  This will be the first place of refuge for victims of domestic violence in the rural areas of the north western part of Zimbabwe.  Sadly, it is a much needed facility and it will go a long way in giving women in our area hope, dignity, and with access to the community centre, skills to better face their futures.   


We cannot give enough thanks to all the people that have made this possible - the beneficial changes to the lives of so many young people and women will be immeasurable, thanks to you.   

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Work on fun and educational handmade playground equipment has already started! TNT and Ronnie of Ruoko Project are inventively using donated old tyres and paint to create vehicles and play sculptures that will drive the children's dreams to new heights - and possibly some adults as well. Huge thank you to our volunteer artists for their donated time and creative skills that will bring such joy.