We are so excited to tell you that, with your help, we can achieve a long-held dream for our education project thanks to an extremely generous donor who will match all gifts made up to 

$ 50,000!!

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 In today's rapidly changing tech-driven world, access to information and resources for learners has never been greater. Sadly, disadvantaged rural students in Zimbabwe struggle to access quality education and technology due to lack of power, lack of devices, and schools with subpar teaching programs - and the divide just grows wider.  Our Jafuta Foundation is committed to bridging this educational gap in our rural area, empowering young minds to break free from the cycle of subsistence farming and poverty, to be able to compete on equal footing with their urban counterparts.


How We Started: The story begins with one of Jafuta Foundation's board members Malcolm Ainscough taking his guest Kathy Cole to visit a Women's Empowerment Centre set up by the United Nations in Uganda. This gave Kathy Cole the vision to recreate this concept in the rural areas around Victoria Falls. In July 2021, an incredible donation from her kickstarted the building of our Educational Centre of Hope. With 85% job loss overnight in our tourism-based city due to the pandemic, jobs were desperately needed and it was the perfect time to support our community. With just a dream,  builder Never Munkombwe recruited young men from the surrounding villages to learn the trade on the job, working manually with no fancy building equipment, just wheelbarrows, shovels, picks and axes. Through strength, sweat and passion, The Kubimba Education & IT building rose from inhospitable, rocky ground.  Never before had Hope shone so brightly!

Where We Are Today:  Over 400 youngsters enjoy the facilities and during the school holidays, we are bursting at the seams!  English literacy, maths, sciences, technology and other subjects are taught.  Here anyone can access wireless free online information from books to vocational training, education programs, movies and much more!  There is a well-stocked and well-used library and the hugely popular Innovation Hub room where children learn through specialised computer technology, unleashing critical skills thinking as well as learning how to code. This hub is a first of its kind in rural Zimbabwe. 

For over a year now, our Centre has been providing quality education and access to information to underprivileged rural children, making a significant impact with ever-increasing student participation. To take this learning centre to the next level, we need to:

  • recruit more qualified teachers
  • acquire additional equipment and resources
  • provide basic accommodation to be able to recruit suitable teaching staff

This ambitious project will finally enable our rural students to reach their full potential.


The total funding required for the Education and Facilities Expansion Development Project is $99,260.


With the commitment from our extremely generous donor willing to match donations up to $50,000 for this education expansion project, we just cannot afford to miss out on this!  This is an amazing opportunity to make a substantial impact on hundreds of children's lives and uplift entire villages and communities. If you can, please help us reach our targeted amount!


Help us Give The Gift of Lasting Change!

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